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The New Normal

Hi Luxe Family!

It has been beyond tough for many of us to adjust to this “new normal” since the start of the pandemic. COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it. Everyday amenities and experiences have been taken from us all due to the pandemic. Who remembers traveling, attending and hosting large gatherings, going to the movie theater, amusement parks, going to restaurants and bars?! I do! This experience has really made us all feel like we’ve taken so many things for granted. We are a full year in and there is still no clear end in sight, although there appear to be glimmers of hope.

Times like this allow us to take a deeper look at what really matters in life. We’ve adjusted and are trying to carry on with our lives, but now with a focus on the important things. This is a great opportunity to get creative, to get in tune with ourselves, and to prioritize the things that really matter. Before the pandemic, the world was moving so fast and now we are all forced to pause and reflect. To reflect on this pandemic is to reflect on the lives lost, the change in our freedoms, the adjustment in school schedules and work arrangements – it’s to realize how STRESSFUL this time has been. There’s a serious need for self-care and self-work at this time, because just as COVID-19 was on the rise so were our collective stress levels. So how do you handle your stress? How often are you experiencing stress? Do you try to deal with it at all? How and when do you take time to relax? Is working remotely causing more or less stress? These are important questions we must ask ourselves. Everything happens for a reason, and there is no time like the present to pause and take a beat to explore how you’re feeling.

A great way to handle stress is by finding ways to feel better about yourself. Studies have proved that when you look good you feel better. And though looking good isn’t the single answer to good mental health, it is a great start. As a working woman, I think it is easy to forget about yourself and to prioritize everything and everyone else over yourself. But take it from me, that only causes you more stress. Getting everything on your checklist done can make one feel very accomplished, however, if you’re not feeling good about yourself, somehow it feels like you still have tons of more work to do. In order to be in the best position to serve everything and everyone else, you must first feel your best. Take care of yourself. Getting your hair and makeup done to go out or even to stay in can do a lot for your self-esteem. On top of the fact that hair upkeep is important for your health, getting your hair done can honestly make you feel like a new woman! It recharges your mind, it allows you to feel capable and prepared to tackle anything that life may throw at you.

At Lola Luxe Beauty, we believe in self-care being transformational! So here are some ways to get in on the Luxe transformation experience – try a new hair style for the spring, schedule an Easter or spring photoshoot for you or your family and book to do your makeup, gift a loved one with a makeup service for their birthday! Recharge, reevaluate, and refuse to be held down by stress! Lola Luxe Beauty is here to help! Book now!

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