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Makeup Lessons

Let’s talk makeup lessons! As women, I feel we are expected to be capable of doing our own hair and makeup to a high standard. Whether it’s for high school dances or prom, a college event, a job interview, a wedding, or when you’re a working woman in the corporate world; there is constantly an event or reason to wear even the smallest amount of makeup. This expectation and beauty standard has led most women to attempt their own hair and makeup to mixed results with at least the first attempt usually being less than stellar! And because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you may not notice what’s lacking in your makeup until someone makes some snarky remark or you see a photo where you thought you looked fierce but turns out you were anything but. This can lead to insecurity or you quit attempting makeup altogether. Many women see the work of makeup artists and can only wish they could achieve anywhere near these looks on their own. It puts so much pressure on us because many of us were never taught how to do our own hair and makeup. Most, if not all, have turned to YouTube which is helpful but for many women, it isn’t detailed enough or lacks personalized intimacy. It’s hard being a woman!

I was blessed to be raised by women that were beauty fanatics and/or beauty conscious. So, hair and makeup came very naturally to me and whenever I needed help, I had plenty of women to go to. On top of the fact that my mother was also a licensed cosmetologist, and she owned a beauty salon. I spent many hours hanging around her in the salon picking up on all her techniques and looking through all her beauty magazines. I credit my current interest in beauty to her. And even with that beauty foundation, I was still teased in high school and by my family for the way I did my eyebrows. Everyone would tell me it looked like a unibrow, or like my eyebrows were blending into each other. And looking back... my eyebrows looked RIDICULOUS lol! But at the time, I loved how they looked; it wasn’t until I wanted to try a different look that I decided to change my makeup style entirely. I practiced tirelessly with my mom to learn new techniques until I found what was right for me. And a few years down the line I became a licensed professional makeup artist and hairstylist.

Now, I am fully aware that not everyone has the privilege of being surrounded by beauty enthusiasts. That’s why I offer one-on-one makeup lessons. I want to give women a personalized makeup experience when it comes to makeup education. When you book a one-on-one makeup lesson, you have the option of booking in person or online, you also have the option of completing the lesson in the comfort of your own home or to come to me. I ask all my clients in this service to bring all their makeup so that they can learn how to make use of what they already own. I take note of supplies that would make their makeup experience easier and ship the supplies to them. I take my time during every lesson to break down each step and the purpose behind every step because makeup is a process and you must trust the process. The lessons are fun, interactive, and highly personalized. The result of our one-on-one lesson will be confidence in your abilities and the knowledge and skills to create polished makeup looks on yourself in the future!

Makeup lessons with aspiring makeup artists are different as they include a model. I encourage aspiring makeup artists to book one-on-one makeup lessons with me because on top of learning how to do makeup, I also offer mentorship, tips for building your kit on a budget, and I offer advice on figuring out how much to charge, etc. Joining the makeup industry can be exciting but also overwhelming so I’m here to help in any way that I can. For beginners, I suggest booking at least 2 to 3 lessons. For intermediate, I suggest booking 1 to 2 lessons. Lastly, for advanced aspiring makeup artists, I suggest booking 1 lesson.

The journey to becoming comfortable in the beauty space and or industry can be tough, but here at Lola Luxe Beauty, I intend to make it so much easier and enjoyable for you. Book now!

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