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As a black woman that has been both a client and a provider of beauty services, my experience in the beauty industry shapes my brand and the care I bring to each and every service. My experience has been like many black women and people. We have been left out of the “luxury” experience for a long time, and in too many ways, we still are. For years, black women were overlooked by the beauty industry. From foundation color ranges that seemed to end before they reached the rich tapestry of our varied brown skin tones to hair products with the wrong ingredients for our hair, black women – black people – have had to be careful researchers, taking extra precautions to get the right service. Many times, I’ve had new clients ask me whether they should bring their own foundation for service. Advancement in recent years has unleashed black-owned brands like Fenty Beauty, Pat McGrath Labs, Mielle Organics, Shea Moisture, among many more. These companies have done a marvelous job of catering to the black community and our needs and allowing black women/people to take part in beauty and luxury. Inspired by these brands, I created Lola Luxe Beauty Services as a realization of the vision that black beauty services can be opulently luxurious, highly personalized, and tailored to us.    With uncompromising passion, I am committed to a bespoke experience that leaves you feeling like your best version of glamorous! Beyond providing a wide range of black-tailored products, I work tirelessly to research and practice all kinds of methods and styles to better serve my clients. You are my priority. And as a black woman, I know what it’s like to feel unseen and unheard. I love who I am and where I come from, so I love you and what makes you who you are. I see you. I hear you. Now, get in touch and let me show you :) Thank you for visiting my page, I hope to see you soon!

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